I owed some greek food to a friend.

Last night I cooked up my one (and only) favorite greek food dishes that I can make. I usually do it with chicken.. this time I did lamb.  I hope it comes out good. I owed it  because a BWC member made me some pastitsio. She used pungent cheese that was a bit out of my palate and it was really dry.. so I was not in love with it, but I did promise the trade.

I have a very good memory of how the pastitsio of my childhood tasted.. this was not even close. But when you have a chef from Greece at a restaurant making the food, at what was then (the 70's) the best Greek place in Hollywood.. you get spoiled. I am a total snob when it comes to good food.

 I scored some baklava though. The Mother Unit will LOVE that! So at least there is that.  I feel bad that I didn't like the pastitsio. I guess I need to start learning how to make it myself so I can tweak the recipe. I don't even know where to begin. My kapama recipe was handwritten for me by my godmother Irene.

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