Just say no.

Just say no to all social media.

Just say no to mean people.

Just say no to wanting that extra homemade bagel.

Just say no to wanting to sit on the porch this morning and not finish packing up the stuff out of the workbench to get ready to disassemble it.

Oh... I have my work cut out for me. Except that mean people part. That's easy.

Lovely Sunday here in Tiny Town.  It'll take everything I have to get these indoor projects done today. Maybe I will just plan to walk into town around 1pm. That gives me hours to ponder how, to do, to procrastinate, and then to make progress.

Notice how there is no real conviction to get it done? Me too. Typing this out has me stupidly aware of my lack of motivation to take on yet more dismantling.

Ok.. more coffee should fuel some motivation. And if not, more coffee is just what happens around here on the morning.

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