Watching the crazy go by.

Living in Tiny Town has it's major benefits.

I do like having less hustle and bustle around me. Going to The Baked Pueblo once a week gives me a chance to have my big city experience in a semi-tidy-less-than-24 hour timeframe. You get time to actually be with people in a town like this.

But it doesn't mean you know the anger, disrespect, and callousness that people are harboring towards "the other side" dealing with their politics.

Tiny Town has some major discord around the election. It's most apparent on facebook.. we are not really different from big cities I guess. But it's sad as hell.  Watching my fellow Tiny Town denizens be mean to each other in real time and online is heartbreaking.

The election is gonna bring whatever it brings. You never know the true nature of folks. And once you see some of that true nature, it's up to you to decide how much of your authentic self to give.

I just gotta hang onto the love. There is no fixing the world. There is no fixing the hate and anger/need to be right that this election has bred.. there is just doing some good each day and trying to make a difference.

It's chilly in the house this morning.. and it was chilly last night. Fall is here. But what I really mean is, "Winter is Coming.."  I'll be reconfiguring the house for winter time either way. (That means take stuff off of the heater so it can be fired up..) Time to embrace the cold dark times for another season.

Let's just hope it's only about weather and not humanity.

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