My vote counts..

I had seriously misplaced my early vote ballot a couple weeks ago. Then all hell broke loose with The Mother Unit and her health. And when life settled down again, I couldn't find it. I would be so bummed to not be able to cast my vote in this election. And when I finally found the ballot, crammed by my drivers seat next to the emergency brake, I was so relieved. I don't have tv. I don't read newspapers. and I am not one to engage in arguing about politics.

I know people who are going to vote for Trump.  I have had to bite my tongue a couple times. It's just the way it is..  I will choose to be community oriented and a good friend over being right about any politician. The world is kinda cattywampus these days.  All we really have is each other.

I am ready for this election to be over... I want a new mayor for Bisbee so we can move forward. By voting, I did my part the best I could.

It's time to finish the bathroom remodel and get the workbench out of the kitchen then move that booth in.. and keep shifting the things I can make a difference in.

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