How this week went down. And then.. 2017.

The Mother Unit said that her birthday celebration on Wednesday was one of the best days.

Everything fell into place and she felt totally loved and appreciated! She also had a surprise visit from several of the ladies from her old Square Table group on Tuesday.  Nothing could have been better for her than to have her peers show up and shower her with love. So much goodness!

The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur of coffee and trying to keep the wee house semi-tidy for the prospect of a pinball session on Sunday with my pals who own D and D Pinball in Tucson. There is a breakfast meeting with me and the bestie.. we are hoping for a quick run to Douglas to give ourselves the "meat sweats" with some delicious carne asada and other meaty treats. And a late a.m. update: this ended up with us having the first serious disagreement ever and we drove back to Bisbee in silence..  Over something I perceived as horribly rude that her husband said to me a few weeks ago. Major bummer. MAJOR! I may have just lost my bestie... she will totally have to side with her husband. She is amazingly and honorably loyal that way. I am just gonna take deep breaths and try not to freak the fuck out.

Tonight has me and my outta towners (D&D kids) dining at Roka at 8pm and then getting over to The Quarry to see The Mission Creeps... Rain should be done by late morning, and it'll be cold but ok out there.

All in all, the day should be relatively calm till later. The town is filling up as of yesterday. Today should be kinda seriously touristy. A good day for revenue here in town! Always a good thing..

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