To sum up the last week... here it is.

This joy is so apparent. I gotta use this big old smile as my balance point. This woman... The Mother Unit, is doing so well right now. There is great cause for gratitude these days. This was a shot from her birthday margarita moment. I know that drink made her super happy and perfectly warm and fuzzy to cap off her birthday. I felt like I did her proud on her day. Full strength cocktail and all!

Last night for New Year's Eve I had a stupendous dinner at Cafe Roka with my pals Robert and Constance then we walked over to The Quarry for The Mission Creeps and a good many of my favorite locals hanging out enjoying the festivities. The music was good, the midnight thing happened, and after a couple more songs we split and walked around a bit in town and I was home in bed by 1a.m..

These kids are so sweet! I adore them!

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