On the verge.

  1. 1.
    an edge or border.

    "they came down to the verge of the lake"

  1. 1.
    approach (something) closely; be close or similar to (something).

    "despair verging on the suicidal"

    synonyms:approach, border on, come close/near to, be tantamount to;

Well... nothing like a little lesson first thing in the morning! I have two big birthdays I really care about this week. The Mother Unit on Wed and the bestie Elizabeth tomorrow. It'll be 83 for The One And Only Mom... and 50 for Elizabeth. So fortunate to have both of these women in my life teaching me how to be a better person. The lessons I get from just choosing to be present are astounding.

This last week of 2016 will be full of goodness if it all goes anywhere near to the plan. It's still bone chilling cold out of doors at 8:23 am... a mere 24 degrees as I continue packing and now primping the house a bit for my overnight company.

I left the house for an entire hour yesterday to pop over to a neighbor's house after he delivered toffee to my porch and then he came over for the next two days and invited me to come hang with him and his wife and french bulldog ("Piggy"). Well, I have a soft spot for that dog for sure... and they brought sweets. I made time to go over. Good people. Sweet, rowdy dog. I sluffed off other invites and really did what I needed to do. Now I feel like I made some progress and hopefully the tightening in my back will relax a bit. If not, that's what stretching every couple hours and Tylenol are for.

 Still snow out there.. but it's sunny and beautiful. Oh Bisbee... you know how to bring the smiles!

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