Three days. Forty things to do. And company coming.

Nothing says get your shit together like knowing you are gong to have company.

I got a pal who is strangely in Tucson for the week while his mom does an Air BnB over the holiday. Got to see him on Wed., and he is hopefully coming down to Tiny Town Monday. That means, "Get yo shit together, Layton!" The big project here is called packing boxes. and general clean up. Plus, K.K.'s Disco Slumber Lounge needs a primp for an overnight guest.

I think it's kinda cold out.. nah, I just checked..  it's a balmy 42 degrees out there. That's not really that cold for Bisbee in winter. And while we are expecting some weather and temperature drops and maybe snow, right now it's palatable! Dishes ready to be done, laundry in the washer, and empty boxes begging for attention.

Working on a show for late January at The Starlight Lounge, that's exciting! Got word that I might be needed on VA in either March or April for Sea Level, and already booked for mid-Feb for Folk Alliance then of course a little Nashville with Blackberry Jam in June and hopefully Americana Fest in Sept. So I am not scratching and clawing to hang onto music stuff.. I get to participate and am part of a team instead of being a force of one. I'm hoping my working hard and extreme gratitude for my job at the coffee roaster is apparent. And I hope they know I will always bust ass when I am around. And on now rare occasions, I need to go bust ass for someone else.

The biggest concern is making sure The Mother Unit has what she needs.. and even though I occasionally falter at remembering all of it and executing all the tasks, I eventually get them done. And overall she and I are working very well at being family and loving and supporting each other. I lucked out... I had a conversation yesterday with a friend who was telling me about her stubborn 90 plus year old parents and how her father refuses to hear the truth about how they need to be in a facility with profession round the clock care.  Yeah.. I lucked out big time.

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