The bags.

I prolly have some bags under my eyes...

But the bags I really speak of, are the gazillions I filled with coffee yesterday to get ready for the street fair in Tucson next weekend. The boss says this is his last street fair. He has done them for 20 years. I am gonna bet he will be missed.

I worked pretty much all day, with a lunch break with the bestie thrown in just because. When all was said and done, I had nearly 700 small bags and another 300 1 lb. bags done and ready. That there is some mindfulness in caffeinated motion.

Now it's time to focus on promoting the Rachael Sage show I have here next Saturday... I think there are about 3o or so tickets left, so I am not quite where I'd like to be, but I will get there.

I did take the chance to grab my pals Thom and Jackie and go to Cafe Roka last night where my leftovers were wrapped in what I would come to call ,"The Magical Bisbee Rabbicorn" foil blob. It was actually supposed to be a unicorn, but when it sat flat, it looked like a cross between a bunny and a unicorn.. or a narwhal with ears on land.

Am I right?

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