5 a.m. Burundi.

23 degrees out there. Brrr....

Up before the alarm went off.

Mind racing with all I have to do for Saturday's show and how I'm gonna get housing performers and a couple friends set up at the new casita and my house.

I have been living in wee house chaos for weeks. Getting ready for this transition to a different home has been a very eye opening adventure so far.. I think I will be getting rid of lots more stuff in the very near future.

My pals from the pinball shop are coming for the Starlight Lounge show, and there is a plan to move the pinball machine to the new house Sunday morning. It's really happening. I'm moving. Where my High Speed Machine goes, I go. Funny how that is the thing that makes it real and has me realizing the time has come to really pack and get these moving plans together. Starting Sunday, shit's gonna get real.

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