A whole lotta something.

Stress cold.

Setup days at Starlight Lounge Friday after wk and Saturday.

And then some of this..

Then this..

The shows went very well, and the poor advance ticket sales that caused me stress in the end worked out. I need to remember that walk-up traffic is going to happen at these. I was relieved after the first show filled up.

Still have a cold, but at least the show went well. All of the performers were spot on fantastic, and the burlesque ladies stayed and the new house. It's virtually empty except for a blow up mattress and a folding chair and an ottoman. And of course there are coffee accoutrements as well.

And then Sunday..

It was the moving day for High Speed. The back headpiece had to be unwired and removed, and then reassembled. I was a little freaked. Not like how I can't really watch people get blood drawn freaked, but close.


Robert totally handled it! With a smile even!

It's playing fast and fabulous! And I owe my neighbor Matt a pizza for helping with the heavy lifting. And last night since the pinball hookup took longer than expected.. I didn't get to go grab pizza with Matt so I opted to take Rod up on an invite to have dinner at Roka with Sailor and Felicia (Unexploded Phonographs) who were instrumental in getting The Starlight Lounge pulled together for the show as well as providing the sweet, sultry music for the event.

Now I am sitting on my couch staring at the space where High Speed used to be. And the house looks much more normal, but I miss it.

I may not be 100% in energy or health, but I am grateful the weekend went well.

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