Paint Zen.

I'm painting an interior.

A peachy color that had to go. Why did it have to go? Because I'm moving into this house eventually.

Yes. Moving.

Johnny Rotten watched over me as I started.

A light grey (not white) was the choice.

And the grey is helping fix the flesh color in the bathroom too and that grey seems to be ok with the blue trim in there. That blue is pretty close to one I'd choose, so I am letting it be. But that flesh color... WTF was ANYONE thinking?

I painted till 9pm.. fueled by a vegan (Chao cheese) grilled cheese and a super stout Bialetti of Burundi coffee at about 6pm.

A first snack.. in a new place.

Taking my time and having sweet music play as I tackle each painty task. I'll finish the bathroom today and then paint the other small room in the house. I have no idea when I will get this move done, but I do know painting is very therapeutic for me.

Quiet movement.

Making positive strokes towards something new.

Lots of gratitude.

Thanks Mom.. you made it all possible.

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