It could be this..

I'm not sure..

But maybe..

Being surrounded by a community of artists, free thinkers, activists, and basically some really smart people who have lived big lives, I think that there is a chance some of my recent stress I have felt could be from all this election/inauguration crap.

I have kept at arms length from it. My disappointment in how it is all happening is mine to sort out. But watching the collective fear of losing everything/regime change/loss of rights talk has perhaps filtered into my tiny brain and maybe it's doing more than I imagined to foster a sense of doom?

I applaud my friends who are marching.. I am just not much of a joiner. I am glad I don't have tv to see the endless coverage of that guy who is taking the highest office in the USA. I'll see enough via the interwebs I'm sure.

My weird mood has been looming basically since the election has been over, and my sense of overwhelm has been oddly intense.. It's not just that I have a bunch of stuff to do..

Nothing feels quite right. Still kinda reeling from the other day when I felt pretty blindsided by some feedback I got. And that's had me out of sorts.. plus we have some blizzardy conditions heading our way this weekend.. and weather like that is really not that great for getting around here. I'll be hoping for good weather next weekend for the burlesque to live music show that I have happening at The Starlight Lounge.

Just gonna suck it up and plod forward. Got no choice.

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