It's all sinking in.

The day up in Tucson yesterday was Chamber of Commerce perfection.  It was nearly 80 degrees, all my errands got run, The Mother Unit and I had a super surprise late lunch, and then a Portlandia episode to finish our day together.

There is a lot of laughter between us these days, which is so good for my heart! Everything is feeling pretty damn good these days.

There are still fixy things going on...
A retaining wall is being poured tomorrow and will be pretty much done and all wood forms down by next week. I'll need some railroad ties to make the parking area work better and divert mud from going down the stairs. And I need to do a little more painting. Then I can get the booth in (shit... I hope it really fits) and then get some kitchen stuff over there.

The move will happen slowly, but I am wrapping my head around it. I have less on my plate this weekend, so I can actually get some stuff done. That will feel good. I also need to expedite this move so I can be with my High Speed pinball machine again.. visiting is one thing, living with it it the best.

Coffee and pinball on a Saturday morning is a sweet thing.

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