Coworker found.

A huge relief.
And fortunately not dead. I will have to rephrase.. now "former coworker."

Big changes at work. I hate that I am off to Kansas City and not there to help in this weird transition, but I am committed to do something. I know how my boss really doesn't like that I leave sometimes. I asked him point blank if I needed to find a new job. He said no.. but that he really wished I didn't travel for music stuff.

I love my job there.. and as always.. music work is so important to me that I can't just shut out my passion for working anywhere around music for a 20 hour a week job.  I am not too old to tour and schlep gear. Some days I feel kinda punky and weak, but truth be told, I still have it in me.

My opportunities are fewer. And eventually they will all be gone. I gotta ride that wave while I can. I have 4 events on the calendar. I don't take vacations.. I leave to go work my ass off.

And in doing that work, I feed my soul.

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