Flat but fun.

Oh man... Kansas is flat.

I am happy that I came a little before Folk Alliance so I could spend time with my pals and also make a sales call on Whole Foods for the coffee job. I should hear back on the coffee in a couple of days from the specialty buyer.

Everything has gone well. I hope to be rested up in a big way to get my ass kicked by FA 2017. I have a couple bags of coffee left so I will have plenty to share with the friends I have in folk. And if nobody wants coffee, then I can just drink it all myself.

Me and the boys have hot some very good restaurants over the last couple days, and today we hit Q39 which is my fave BBQ place in Kansas City. I won't have to go out to eat at all as I have done enough of that now in the few short days I have been here.

The company is fabulous, the bedding is opulent, the weather is agreeable, and all things seem good all around. I have no idea what is happening in Bisbee, but today that's fine. Be here now.

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