Last day of cool weather.

It's super blustery in Tiny Town this morning.

It's under 50 degrees, windy and partly cloudy down here as the weather gives us what will likely be the last gasp of a morning chill for the next 6 months.

There was a storm moving thru from California later that day but I had lunch outside on a patio with The Mother Unit yesterday and it was pretty damn nice out, considering Tucson has already been up in the mid 90's already. It was a mid-70's mealtime that was fun and delicious. The big part of the fun was that she had french onion soup and the melted stringy cheese made for some good commentary.

We are all caught up on our Walking Dead/Talking Dead episodes and while I am not ready for the season to be done, I am really grateful that The Mother Unit enjoys that one while we hang out. And Portlandia too. We have one episode left to watch for that. She is in super good spirits these days. Her attitude is truly inspiring.

Keeping it simple.
Doing what's in front of me.
Only a little distraction from the tasks inTucson.

I had a moment to play the brand new Batman 66 machine after dropping off paperwork downtown. I have only played this machine one other day. I am pretty pleased to have gotten on the high score list. I know I'll be obliterated off of this list within a week, but nice to get there once.

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