Do you go out of your way?

I had an occasion to see how accommodating I am.

I am fairly accommodating.

I definitely do not go out of my way to take on extra work for folks who are just lazy. I used to do anything, anytime for people to try and be helpful. And in tour managing, that was both good and bad. And that is where I started learning that lesson.

Doing too much for others, is, more often than not a thankless thing.

I am totally committed to helping The Mother Unit and semi-moderately committed to getting my own stuff done in this present moment. I don't have enough time to get my own stuff done in my life right now. So I choose very carefully how to volunteer.

And while I don't actually have an entire free day, the annual MAKE Festival at Central School is happening tomorrow and I will, in fact, be giving my day to be of service. Kids from all over southern AZ come to Bisbee to make art with the artists that have studios at Central School. A day of inspired kids, cool crafts, community at it's best, and weiners... I am selling the weiners. My 4th year cranking out the best hot dogs and veggie dogs we have in Old Bisbee at a charitable event.

It's the little things.

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