Thanks are in order.

My pal Ben came and put in a significant amount of time with my plumbing issues at the old house (that I am still living in) that I have been dealing with since about early December. I now have a new kitchen faucet, and tomorrow will have a functioning bathroom sink as well.

It cost me, but it is worth it to be able to have running water. I have been turning the water on only once or twice a day for dishes/shower/a flush for months now.

I guess this means I might have made an ok pioneer woman?

Nah.. who am I kidding?

So the pain in the ass part of the plumbing problems is basically gone now that the kitchen is not leaking like a sieve. I live in the desert.. wasting water is a bad idea. Plus, it's expensive.

Yay Ben! I am gonna get him a bonus of a growler of local beer as a giant thank you..

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