The weekend.


Ryanhood and Freddy and Francine!


Freddy and Francine!


Great show, undersold... bummer. I guess not every show can be sold out. But I can't really afford undersold so I guess I need to work more on a smaller guarantee and points if we do well. Next week is payday so I won't freak too hard.

Then after spending Saturday morning with the kids from Freddy and Francine, there was a little time for a meetup with some of my fave dogs in town and their owners then it was last minute Ex Bats show at Poco which went till almost 6:30 pm.

Aaaand the day was entirely a wash on productivity, but high on goodness and fun.

In the midst of putting stuff in boxes and shuffling things around, I moved this out of my bedroom and it's been sitting in the middle of my tiny living room for a week... then it dawned on me.. would this maybe fit under the Jefferson stairs?

The answer is yes! Fan-fucking-tastic!

Ok.. I admit it.. I needed the day off, but now I am gonna move some stuff to the new house. Gotta do something useful.

Postcard weather out there. And maybe a little time in between trips between houses to sit in the sun and soak in a ray or two.

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