Yes. He smoked 'em!

My whirlwind weekend in VA was great.

I'm tired, but I'll tell you this.. I get to be part of this magical, loving group of music lovers/musicians in Hampton VA and there are rarely any gatherings quite like this for me. So much love, such a great community of good hearted people, all coming together for music.

I know music heals.

And this group of friends are some of the best humans I know. Nashville and Hampton were truly one on Saturday for Carol and Dale's cd release show. Rocket scientists and CEO's, tech guys with top security clearance and school teachers, lawyers and coffee baggers, piano tuners and piano teachers, potters and retired professors.. all came together for music and for community in it's purest sense. Long hugs, actual tearful reunions, and laughter surrounded the entire weekend.

And then there was the snack John brought. Our community pit master smokes everything he can think of. And he outdid himself this time.

Remember the snack Bugles?

Who didn't love a Bugle?

Who the fuck would ever think to smoke a Bugle?

My buddy John would.

Holy shit... they were so good!

And fun!

Bugle fangs and a photobomb by an actual rocket scientist.

Friends with bread pocket protectors:

And powerful, passionate friendships deepened..

Yeah.. it was a damn good weekend.

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