Internet and time to use it!

I do miss having the internet in Bisbee. I may or may not be getting re-hooked up tomorrow. We shall see. If I do get re-hooked up, then CenturyLink has some explaining to do after initially telling me they did not provide service to my new address. Because I called the new customer hotline and got real customer service and even though it's gonna cost a small fortune (again) at least it's not the $50.00 per mo Cable One service that everyone complains about.

Tomorrow will be interesting.

Today has me accompanying The Mother Unit to a doctor appointment to see what is going on with her gut. She continues to have no appetite and she is now using a wheelchair for all outings. My hope is that we get her gut figured out and get her some physical therapy to get her stronger so she is not going backward with her strength and ultimately her overall attitude.

She worries it's her heart.

She's probably right.

We have a good team around us. We will walk through all this care home stuff one day at a time. With the help of The Starfishies and some medical MJ, and a Xanax here and there to keep her anxiety at bay.

I am gonna treat myself to some Candace at Frank's this morning. I need to see my friend and watch her do her thing as one of the legendary breakfast waitresses in The Baked Pueblo. When I am stressed or anxious around my mom and her health stuff, Candace is the perfect person to get fed comfort food by, get a hug from, get entertained by watching her give shit to customers, and overall her just plain "Candace-ness".

Off to breakfast.

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