A little pinch here and there.

Only one cup in.


I love my job.

The time in The Baked Pueblo went well, and even though we have no definitive answers on why The Mother Unit has a tummy that is bothering her, they did say it wasn't anything glaringly serious like stomach cancer. She is gonna probiotic it up and we shall see how she feels as we go along. She had more energy on Wednesday and that felt good. Not sure if she pushed herself for me or her, but it doesn't matter. She ditched the wheelchair that day and that's good for now.

This weekend is basically house putting together time. With a dinner at Thom and Jackie's to go over my poodle-sit that starts on Tuesday. Not one but two poodles in my care for 10 days. This will be interesting as I haven't dog-sat in a gazillion years. I do adore these dogs so it should be fine. Poodles! Should make for cute pics on the blog.

There should have been an outing for me last night to go hear a pal DJ at the local gastropub, but I scrapped it since my neck is super sore. I am gonna need to seek out a new chiropractor. Hate the thought of that, but it's gonna have to happen.

And this blog update is brought to you by CenturyLink.
Who did, in fact, install internet to my new house after saying they didn't service this address when I tried to move the service. Now that it's actually installed, I will call them on Monday and try to get them to make right the extra expenses and higher cost per month for lesser service. And even though it was a week-long process to deal with this, it's up and running now and I can send an email and do a wee blog update now. Dunno if it will be enough service to stream, but I'll find out soon enough.

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