Oh look! Internet!

I have not had the internet since decamping from the wee beach house.

I have my phone, but that's just for basics. So being up in The Baked Pueblo has the real deal.

It feels like things are moving forward at a snail's pace, and the list of to-dos gets longer and longer. I may have someone who wants a place to crash in Bisbee for 3-4 weeks and I might consider trading if he is up for some fixing/painting kind of stuff. I need help. I just hate asking for it. I also need a few longer weekends so I can focus and get things done.

Staying in the new house has been a good journey so far. I am bonding with the morning light orientation and starting to make peace with the shady side of the canyon.

The late night painting was a little chaotic.

And then there was that 11 pm hasty exit from my old house due to a barking/wailing/howling dog directly across the street.

But I knew I was going to move the giant bed frame on Saturday so it was only a day early.

Then I got my pal Laura to come do some energy work in the house...

And then the next morning after the bed was built and the energy bettered, I sat there and took in the light of the morning.

Not sure of the paneling project is really gonna happen... but I do still want texture and contrast on a wall here and there.

But really, it's moving forward. It just feels slow.

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