Slow start! Coffee 911! Run the red light!

I just realized I have barely enough water to make the morning brew!  All the water is at the other house. I am purposely not restocking over here in an effort to move semi-gracefully forward.

I woke this morning wondering if I would be able to get my bed disassembled and hauled over to the new house this weekend? I will be getting the house smudged on Saturday after the Bisbee Farmers Market. I have all of Saturday to get ready for the bed move. I may be waking up in the new place as of Sunday.

It's a beautiful morning.

I do have enough water and coffee beans for the ritual.

It a seems like the makings of goodness.

Blah... blah... blah...

Really, I'm just basking in this:

My highest score ever on my High Speed pinball machine yesterday afternoon!

Mother of God!
It was epic! I could go over all of the high points and feats of superior pinball wizardry (in my own mind), but it wouldn't make any sense to someone who doesn't play the machine. My sweet little pinball machine gave me an opportunity to beat my previous high score by 3 million points.

Did I want to hit 10 million?

Hells yes I did!

Not this time. Someday though.

I hope.

And yesterday was Susie Werner's birthday. The Layton Family Birthday Song was sung. She can officially tack on another trip around the sun. Gonna send her some coffee... what a perfect gift!

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