Sea Level epilogue.

The Sea Level Festival went great!

Good for it to wind down on a heartfelt family-centric note.

This event has been a great joy for me to be a part of it all these years. And while I am sad to see it go, there is a door closing and another one opening as usual. New chapters for all of us.

I am down to one stage managing gig a year now and a very occasional tour managing gig so it's safe to say, my music biz career stuff is winding itself down. It'll be non-existent before long, but the memories will keep me smiling till the end of time.

Sea Level introduced me to several amazing artists, a shero here and there, and got me firmly entrenched in a music community that has made a huge difference in my life. Kelly is one of my besties, and time with her is always good.

And there is my cat.. a text exchange about time here went like this:

I know my time left on this planet with this little guy is so precious.

So I just love everything he does... including sleeping on his face.

There was a Danish Fest for the breakfast gathering. We ate cherry and cheese danish and slammed a bunch of OBR coffee. Then it was chill, visit and we will get together with my pal Robin for dinner. Flying out tomorrow at a respectable hour, so I can stay up late and visit.

Good festival. Good friends. Dunno when I'll get back here, but damn, I love these people.

And my cat...

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