Being someone.

The reality of being someone.

I totally got a hit of being a good daughter yesterday when The Mother Unit and I chatted about our Wednesdays together. I think she sees that I have a lot on my plate and she offered up the option to have me do every other Wednesday to give me some time.

But her offer to give me time was sweet. And what I immediately realized is that I love getting to hang with her and laugh and help her. She echoed the same. Safe to say, we are a small but mighty family unit these days. We are both evolving as we move through this journey. I have a bunch of gratitude for where we are at.

Maybe I am bitching too much about not getting this move together? I haven't had the concentrated time, but I also need to organize strong helpers to get a few more heavy things over there. And I have to get the lighting situation in the house plotted out. That is going to be key. And so much more to do and get handled... it's best left to me shutting the fuck up and just getting it done already.

I am not going anywhere for a while, so the rubber hits the damn pot-holed road starting now.

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