Playing a little Scout this morning.

Yes, they were a short-lived band from NYC, but fantastic! I wouldn't have found them if I hadn't met the singer for the band, Ashen Keilyn in NYC in my early tour managing days. Great soundtrack for the morning.

The days are getting hotter here in Tiny Town. Fired up my swanky new swamp cooler yesterday and thanked my lucky stars I got that done when I did. I thanked my pal Ben too.

There is a bunch of coffee that will be waiting for me to get bagged today at the shop. I know an early start will make a big difference today. And I think I may just continue my Scout Fest at OBR.

Everything is snail's pace still, but I can see progress.

But there are still piles of things in boxes all over this place. So this snail better get crackin'.

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