Holiday Schmoliday.

The upcoming holiday weekend is not really going to be easy down here in Tiny Town.

Main street is being closed Fri-Sun and all non-pay parking lots are unavailable for parking except by permit. In anticipation of that I'll be walking to work and will walk my one delivery up to it's destination. I'll get my miles in walking to stuff and it'll make life easier and let's face it I need the exercise.

There is a feeling of disdain for the how the city manager has piled a bunch of events into one weekend, and not really taken the local merchants into consideration. Several of my business owning friends are quite skeptical about the weekend. Actually, maybe all of them.

I am not rooting for the weekend to be a failure though I know some people are. I am just gonna go about it in a way that works for me. Should make for a few extra hours with less distractions to work on things at the house. Today had me moving 3 of the last few heavy things to the new place with a pal after work. Dunno where one thing is gonna go, but if it doesn't fit, I'll get rid of it.

It's getting down to what I want to live with and what just doesn't work anymore. There is only so much you can do with small houses and bigger pieces of furniture that may no longer serve a purpose.


I said it.

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