When you feel like you aren't doing it fast enough...

Snail's pace on my transition from one place to another.

That's how it feels anyhow.  Truth is I am making progress and it's all the right things in the right direction for me. It's just not happening at anything but this super slow pace. I guess need to make peace with that. With plenty on my plate, I need reminders of important things to do.

Like this:

I had to pony up a wad of cash for my pal Ben for the swamp cooler install. He worked hard, did a good job and I love him dearly. No matter how traumatic it was for me to watch a hole get cut on the side of the house, and no matter how much work I still have to do for this cooler thing to tidy it up and weatherproof it etc... it's ready to use just in time for the hot weather this weekend.

I am basically doing one project a week on house stuff. It's not enough but it's what I am doing.

My new mantra:
I am a snail in this process. And I will embrace my snail nature and get my snail on with the best of them.

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