So worth it!

Oh man...

I'm a bit pooped. But lemme just say, the turn and burn to The Baked Pueblo to celebrate Mothers Day with my one and only Mother Unit was totally worth it!

I BBQ'd the best rib eyes, I made the Brussels Sprouts, I did the half baked potato (there was no sour cream...) and there was coconut ice cream for dessert! All I need is for her to look up and tell me she is enjoying it. And that totally happened.

Worth the nearly 4 hours of driving, and everything else that needed to happen to make it a go. I gotta grab a bite for dinner then I need to clean up around here. The swamp cooler job goes to a third day... poor Ben. But I'll have cooling eventually. There is construction dust all over the bedroom and Sunday is laundry day in these parts.Time to pop out the contacts from my tired eyes and get crackin'!

Damn good day...

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