At a glance...

So if you quickly glance at this...

You might chuckle and think to yourself," Einstein's nipples? WTF?"

I did that.

Or, you might be getting ready to do dishes and see this..

Holy Fuck! I am not dealing with a spider that big!! No way!

But it's just rice noodles from the leftover Pho.


At a glance, things are different that what they really are. I tend to get little startles like this often. Closer examination sets me straight.

The weekend was a bit of a bust with me getting disenchanted with projects.

The posts are in at least.

And these will get put in the ground this week.

I just gave up and came inside and gave my brain a break from everything including the outside world. I hunkered down and watched back to back episodes of Breaking Bad instead. Feet up, swamp cooled comfort.

And at a glance, I guess that's what my weekend looked like.

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