The ol' turn and burn.

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind.

Leaving for The Baked Pueblo early am and then getting home around 6:30 pm. Nothing but the essentials on this run. The Mother Unit being the #1 priority as always. But there was a 2-hour stall to get some suspension work done on the Scion and just enough time to get to Costco and then get stuff refrigerated before picking up The Mother Unit and going to the dentist to address her denture dilemma. Hopefully, that works a whole bunch better for her. She couldn't even eat a green bean with the new choppers! That sucks!

Summer is looming. I gotta get more shit done before it's really uncomfortable to be in non-cooled or outdoor spaces.  Trying to get my bestie to do a hang to cheer her up in the next few days... she started a new job and they were totally shitty to her so she quit. Her spirits are low. I know I can't fix it, but laughter is always good medicine.

Looking forward to the weekend. I gotta get some supplies in Searing Blister (Sierra Vista) on Saturday after I get new tires on the Scion that morning. My tires got wonky because of the suspension issue and because I drive about 300 miles a week getting to Tucson to help the Mother Unit and do errands plus my own driving stuff in Cochise County.   I am looking forward to getting 2 grape vines planted, trees trimmed, stuff boxed up, a start on the landscapy fence idea where I park my car and then getting the turntable fired up so I can play some vinyl. I should also address the overflow from the swampy cooler. I hate wasting water.  All kinds of dumb stuff on the docket.


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