Mom is my Co-Pilot.


The Mother Unit and I had a helluva road trip downtown yesterday just as the monsoon decimated the roadways around the UofA.

Holy shit!

I had to go drop off some coffee to Crooked Tooth Brewing so they could consider using our coffee in a brew. It was a harrowing trip to get there. But nothing compared to trying to get away from downtown with flooded underpasses and streets that had white water flowing denying passage.

Did I forge through the white water anyhow? With my sweet 83-year-old mother in the car? Did I attempt this after watching several people consider it and u-turn away from these road rapids?

You know the answer...


We plowed through and sped off and away back to the northeast side. I won't say it was easy or super smart. But I did it and it wasn't as bad as it was prior to our parking and doing the ol' wait-and-see.

And the early morning drive home yielded this:

Home in time to put out the trash, and making more coffee because... it's coffee!

Start the day with a good attitude is the mantra.

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