52 and a day.


52 has come and gone.

Calls from friends across the country.. texts at 4:58 a.m.. and a few actual hugs while up in Tucson.

A watermelon Eegee was had.

Lunch with The Mother Unit was delicious!

And I got a nice big gift... (actually two but this one was physically large!)

Vintage pinball playfield repurposed into a big nightlight for me by my pals at D&D Pinball!


Takeaway from the day was that it is ll about quality human connection and love. Stuff is just stuff.. even cool stuff. But people make it real and truly delicious.

Had brekkie this day after 52 with The Mother Unit this a.m... and while the mediterranean food for lunch yesterday did a number on her gut, she bounced right back today.

The sad truth is, she can't eat rich/spicy food like that without consequence. So I confiscated her leftovers.

I can't say I'm not looking forward to more chicken shawerma.

Rain is in the forecast. A little more pinball is on deck in a few... then later tonight Game of Thrones with The Mother Unit. Good times for sure.

I am a lucky gal.

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