It's been a bit of a tsunami of activity this week. Very little downtime. Lots of driving. And somewhere in there, a holiday on a Tuesday with out of town guests.

Today feel almost normal.

But I am meeting with the contractor to discuss a rather major shift to the house. Moving the front door to get the water in the house issue dealt with. It's gonna be a good solution but it's not gonna be cheap or totally easy. It will however, make for better feng shui and strangely it's the affordable option.

Seems like every paycheck has some house project making sure I don't get to hang on to any money. By coller weather time I hope to be done with all of this house stuff so I can just live here. Then there is the other place that is almost empty and ready for a little paint so it can get a new resident. Such a slow process.


Well, it's gonna be fine. Eventually.

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