Where there is water, there is a need for watertight. This house is not that.

As feared and predicted... water poured in under the door yesterday during the rain. A very undisclosed problem with this house, that I totally saw coming. But it's worse than I could have imagined.

The door is getting moved.
End of sentence. I'll have to owe the dude more money than I have to throw at this since we burned a day yesterday getting not much done. Although, he did get a new overflow for my cooler which enabled the non-working float to actually do its job. Is that worth a 150.00 handyman day? Not really. But that's what I got.

Trial and error.

Time for coffee and some music to get my head in a better space. The fact that it's gonna rain like a motherfucker today doesn't help.


It's a beautiful thing.

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