30 years is a long time.

These last few weeks have been a little (ok totally..) chaotic with The Mother Unit flopping in and out and now back in the hospital. The emotional part is pretty major, the time needed in Tucson is not to be downplayed, and the overall intensity is pretty big.


I still made it to 30 years clean and sober today. I worked a long day, cooked dinner for my friends who are spending a few days here over Pirate Weekend, and we just decompressed with a movie. Darn good to laugh a bit and just let some folks support me and be easy.

I made it to 30 years sober in spite of myself... I doubt I was ever really planning on not using substances for this amount of time. But truly taking it one day at a time made all the difference.

These days that kind of simplicity is serving me pretty well as I reel in my panic and fear sometimes on an hourly basis.

There is a lot of good in this world still and I'm glad I am around to see it. Being a bit of a Pollyanna is maybe not such a bad thing when all you really want is to brighten the day up for those around you.

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