I ditched work today to go spring The Mother Unit from a less than desirable rehab nursing home this morning. It had to be done. She was not being tended to.

It's hard enough that she feels weak and awful.. but then not getting basic care is plain old not right. It's times like this where it's incredibly hard for me to be almost 2 hours away.

She is wiped out... leaving her today at Starfish after waking her from a nap, I just thanked my lucky stars that she is back there and then felt bad for waking the woman who rarely gets a good night's sleep. My friends assure me I will find some grace in how I deal with all of this. I hope so for my mom's sake. She deserves a break about now.

I didn't sleep that well last night either. Well, I was sleeping good and then my pal texted me at 3:40 am to send me a picture of my cat. How can I be angry when there is a pic of Marvin?

That's my Mr. Kitteh Boy!

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