Little chances to take time with friends throughout the days.. that's what makes for a good day.

From connecting with a pal who is struggling emotionally to dinner with my pal Rod in Mexico, the day was special as I got a little more regrouped from last week's sting supporting The Mother Unit in the hospital. Of course then I neglected to call her to see how her day went.


But getting home after 8:30 made it too late to check in so I'll do that call this morning. My missing handyman has resurfaced somewhat and I am just glad he's ok. He's a delicate, talented, smart man. I will be getting together with him this afternoon to settle up my bill with him for what he
has done so far and certainly hope he will consider more in the future when I get caught up from the much larger project than I had budgeted for.

I have a small cushion in the bank, but of course a water heater has failed and an alternator belt on my car is on the horizon so it's important to be careful. Well, if nothing else it's an adventure.

I'm traversing this path somewhat quietly these days.

No hoopla.. just looking forward to do each next right thing.

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