It's not easy.

As The Mother Unit is getting all the care she needs in the hospital, I returned to Bisbee to finish out the work week to restore the calm to my workplace. It wasn't chaos without me, but they would really like me to be there for scheduled shifts. And we are pretty busy. We got 5 tons of green coffee beans delivered and the shop is very floor to ceiling with the goods.

I am hoping she makes the progress needed to get released in the next couple of days. She hates the hospital almost as much as I do. All I can do in this moment is stay present with her from wherever I am.

When I got. Ack to Bisbee yesterday morning it was very humid and almost Florida moist but the rains have done wonders for the green things at the house. The grape vines are going bonkers and the trees really did need more water than I was giving them. There is construction debris all over and my dude has kinda disappeared and so I am left to get this all wrapped up on my own I guess for now. I can do a dump run after work today and try to make the yard less of  a hazard.

Is a trip back up to The Baked Pueblo in the cards for the weekend?


I just want The Mother Unit outta the hospital.

I was supposed to be flying to Seattle today to meet up with K.K. to go see Lady Gaga but my time off was kinda spent. Bummer for sure. But I love my mom and I needed to be there.

CLl your family and tell them you love them.. time is fleeting.

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