had the Andy T Band in town last night for a show.

Holy crap it was under attended!


I might need to give up on tryinh to bring music thru Tiny Town. I don't have enough capital to finance shows that cost hundreds of dollars before the show even starts. Andy was sweet and handed me a check to co er some of the loss.. he's a sweetheart like that. But I'm still out of pocket and I may have to admit that I may not be cut out for show promoter status.

I am never thrilled to admit something is not really working out. Being the dreamer I am I just wanna create all kinds of musical goodness. And maybe that needs to just be thru creating mix tapes.

The good news is I got to see Andy and the guys and he had my pal Anson with him so that was a
Real treat. I put Anson up as my first houseguest in the place. We stayed up late talking and drank good cooffe in the morning  with a little home cooked breakfast thrown in for good measure.

Quick visit but packed full of love.

Time with friends is precious.

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