Sixteen Candles.

I am a complete sucker for ANY John Hughes movie.

I decided that a couple of those teen angst movies would be the perfect companion to clean and organize here at the house today. I am actually still unpacking and putting this place together in between loads of stuff going out of the old house. I never really feel like doing this after work. I lost the whole day of productivity yesterday while up in The Baked Pueblo.

It was yet another gorgeous day here in Tiny Town, but honestly, I was indoors for 98% of it. The yard is still a mess, but I spend more time looking at the chaos inside than out so that is my first priority.

Hooked up the lava lamp and actually brought my fave antique table down and it kinda fits perfectly here in this odd little house. I unpacked and set things up and set things out. A little more art on the walls, more tools, and paint gear put away. I now have a stack of empty boxes to deal with and I am also going to try and get some durable stuff put under the house.

My simple life gives way to a few friends passing thru Bisbee this week... and I have to set up sound and a fix up a room for a show all day Wednesday.  I am so fortunate The Mother Unit is starting to bounce back from all her recent hospital stays and all of the maladies that put her there.

The soundtracks to these John Hughes movies are largely the soundtrack to a bunch of my own youth. I'll probably still be watching these damn things in 10 years still.


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