Who does that?



It's just past sunset.
I'm putting away groceries.
Feeling good about all the healthy food I bought.
Jammin' out to Saint Motel.
Using headphones.

Look up and see someone right outside my window!
Then realize it's my pals Ken and Inez (The Exbats) stopping by to see if I wanna grab a beverage. Of course, I totally wanna go!


Heart racing moments of surprise. But totally worth it when the music would either have all the neighbors coming over for a badass dance party or you'd be having the cops to your house because you needed it way too loud.

An odd evening here but somehow it feels just right.

Lots of painting tomorrow on the exterior. That'll have to get worked in here and there. I got a lunch date with poodles at noon and I think there is pickleball in the morning.

Back in the headphones here just before 8pm... it's loud and it's upbeat.

Not a Sigur Ros kind of day/night. I'm totally up for a shift toward happy dance music. Maybe that's all my heart and soul needs about now. I know I'm  late to the game on most music but when I hear stuff I like, it sticks hard.

Music still moves me like nothing else.

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