One of many.

Oh... The disillusioned.

I'm one of 'em.

That ever-present sinking feeling damn near every day related to the sad state of the world. I do live in my fairly easy, Shangri-la, tiny town that is a pretty sweet existence. There is still snippets of news everywhere touting the horrors of everyday life. I guess the only way to avoid that is getting off the internet.

That's not likely to happen... but you never know.

My focus is on being a decent human each day and doing most of the things I am supposed to do with a few extra project thrown in on weekends.

I am living semi-selfishly these days with The Mother Unit being the only other person I am giving my all for. But the one thing I am doing is taking more of an interest in my self-care day to day.

Eating better, eating less, walking to work, playing as much pickleball as I can and staying as positive about each day as I can fathom.

I don't want that heaviness in any sense to overtake me.

I know the world is in turmoil... pretty much always has been. So all I can do is show up and do the best I can.

I dunno how others are dealing with this but I do know that being angry on social media is not my answer.

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