Cloven hooves.

Well, it finally happened.

The javelina pack came to visit my trash can last night.

There have been a handful of times that I was awakened at the old house by the sound of cloven hooves on the porch. This time they came down concrete steps, tipped the can, at the rotten carrots, nibbled some empty containers that had contained vegan curry, and did their best to spread trash to the widest ratio they could muster.

Of course, I didn't discover this till leaving for work.

Well... poop.

But I knew it was the javelinas. Dogs wouldn't have torn thru the carrots. Later at work, a neighbor who came in for a bag of coffee confirmed we had both been on the path of destruction of The Quality Hill Javelinas.

Time to get my gate situation together. I gotta do that anyhow to start thinking about dog-proofing the yard. So much to do. And grateful to have the chance to pull this place together in a way that it fits me.

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