A lovely crisp morning here in Tiny Town.

Slippers, long sleeve shirt, and pondering something other than short... though I haven't made that commitment yet. I'm off to work in an hour so the bare legs will prolly power through.

Work has been busy. Lot's of folks reigniting the love of the jitter juice. I dunno what I'd do without coffee. I hope my body never pulls a fast one on me to have me give it up.

I put a different (and new to me) couch in my living room over the weekend. It has completely transformed the space and I truly scored the perfect couch, not only for me... but for this new space I live in.

As usual, it was a 1/16th of an inch of leeway to get it in the door. Wait, I had to pop the door off its hinges and remove the feet from the said couch... but dammit... we got it in! Nowhere near as traumatic as moving the stackable washer/dryer in.

Little things happening each week, helping to pull this place together. Still, plenty to paint/caulk, put away etc. I have to honor what this place wants me to do, and what really fits in way of feng shui and functionality. It's a weird dance for me. And I still have too much stuff. Now it's time to save up for the next construction project where I open up the wall behind the sofa (to breakfast bar height) to let in more light. That's most likely on the project list. As soon as I get a real estimate of cost. If it's too much then I'll scrap it. With any luck, I can sell the other couch to fund a portion of this.

But while all this and so much more is in my head, I can take comfort in knowing my new couch is a nap waiting to happen that doesn't take over the whole footprint of the tiny living room.

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