Is there a hum?


On one of the social media platforms regarding goings-on in Bisbee, there has been some talk of a hum in the town. Some say it's the vent from the Queen Mine, some say cell tower...

Perhaps it's the music that usually starts at my house around 5:30 or 6 a.m.?

The fact that starting the day with music always makes for a better day is proven. Just like a good cup of coffee, it's good to the core. When my focus is on keeping it super simple, it's amazing how better the days are.

Do the next right thing.
Be a big ball of love.
Do things you enjoy.
Stay connected.

Fueled by coffee and music.

I think Lonnie Gordon would be shocked at how a gazillion years after first hearing "I'm Gonna Catch You" I still have absolute joy in my heart.

And while this video from the early 90's is not much more than a jukebox to play the song and a testament that she is a beautiful woman... this is the song currently playing at 6:15 in the morning in my house.

Is that a hum?

Not exactly.

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