It's all so complicated.

Busy day up in The Baked Pueblo yesterday but totally productive.

There are days where it's laid back and easy, and then there are days like yesterday... with calculated strikes and close watching of time to make sure I get everything done and get where I need to be without on schedule. The days are always so much better when The Mother Unit is feeling good like yesterday.

After my successful run up there I hurried back to see The Exbats at what I will call my least favorite venue in Bisbee. It's my least fave because they seem to always have sound problems. It never gets dialed in.

And true to form... the fucked up The Exbats last night and I walked out. So. Disappointing.

There are times I think I should place shows there and then the whole sound thing rears its ugly head and I know in my heart that I cannot subject the artists or the audience to that kind of torture. 

Never again... not for live music anyways.

This morning I woke up late and decided to give myself some space to meander around the house and slowly get out the door. I even gave myself a game of pinball which started out as a garbage game with a score of 700,00 at 4 balls in. My average score is 2,500,00-3,500,00 most good days. I was not going to give up. I powered through, getting an extra ball then getting multi-ball and eventually another extra ball and another multi to finish with a score of 4,788,000. But literally, during that game, I stopped to drink an entire cup of coffee, thought about how much I loved my mom, cried a little, and then circled back to disappointment about The Exbats show last night. 

Judas Priest!

Crazy rollercoaster!

And Thursdays is generally a day I go back to work and play clean-up for all the stuff they didn't do. So I am gonna guess the crazy rollercoaster will continue. It's a virtual Matterhorn over here in Tiny Town.

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