The coolest kid I know.

I have a pal here in Bisbee who is truly cooler than anyone I have ever known. It's effortless and I would call her enigmatic. She has the world at her feet and she probably doesn't even know it.

And she's 18.

She gives me hope for the future.

I am teaching her how to drive a stick shift. As I have assured her that it's beyond cool to be able to drive vintage cars like VW's and maybe a Porsche to name my own personal favorites. We are two lessons in, and I think that she is gonna have it down within the next 2 lessons. I also need to get her out on the road and just talk to her about driving etiquette and safety.

Her dad gets really anxious about her driving so he was happy to hear I was willing. Plus, I have an extra Acura or I can help her score a deal on a VW station wagon and both are a stick shift. So it's necessity and real possibility merging into the moment.

She is also the drummer/vocalist for The Exbats who are by far the best band in Bisbee. So I feel like I get to give back to them by helping her get confident in her driving skills. I will pile her in the truck (automatic) to and have her just drive without needing to worry about shifting to log some good time behind the wheel. I honed my patience while driving being a tour manager and driving precious cargo (musicians) through the absolute worst traffic in all of the traffucked cities across the US.

Also, it's crucial to mention that The Mother Unit spent years teaching people driving and I feel like her calm demeanor and support definitely made me a better driver and that in a way this is part of paying forward all she did to help others drive better and all she has done for me.

And so far, my friend has not burnt out my starter or clutch and she has not left the transmission in the middle of the road. I doubt that I am the best instructor but I do know that being supportive is a damn good thing.

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